Tips for the Cold Season
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Tips for the Cold Season

Tips for the Cold Season
Photo by Alex Padurariu / Unsplash

It’s December already! I am so excited because December comes with so many things, such as a break from work, lots of celebration with food, family and friends, my wedding anniversary but most importantly, the celebration of the birth of Christ. There will be so many activities lined up and this can be quite overwhelming. So, today, as we begin this last month of 2019, I just want to share these 3 simple tips to help those with the sickle cell condition and those living with people who have the condition.

  1. December comes with so much love in the air, so many weddings and proposals and just festive love-filled relationships. All this love can easily result in new relationships and potential new babies being conceived. All that is great but please, before you indulge in all of that, CHECK YOUR GENOTYPE. It is important to know your genotype before you fall in love with that young handsome dude or that boorga who has swept you off your feet. For the sake of the relationship and more importantly that of the yet to be born children, please make sure you check and avoid all the issues surrounding sickle cell anemia.
  2. Listen to your body—I cannot stress this enough. This season is going to have you longing to attend all the events that have been advertised. From the plays and concerts, to the carol services to the parties organized by family and friends and all the other things you can think of. Remember that there's nothing wrong if you cannot do it all. Please listen to your body and rest when you need to. Be selective about the activities that you can do and give your body all that it needs and this includes rest, taking your medication, eating well and drinking a lot of water. I don’t think you want to spend Christmas day in the hospital because you have over-worked yourself.
  3. Protect your body—December comes with a severe cold weather, especially here in the US. Winter is approaching like no one’s business, and there's every indication that it's not coming to “play”. Please cover up. Wear all the jackets you have to and all the socks and the hats, just to keep yourself warm. In Ghana, it can get cold too with the harmattan season, so this applies to you as well. Sometimes, it can be so annoying when you want to show off that cute dress but nooo, this cold will not allow you to look great. Everyone will dress lightly, but if I try it, before you know some annoying crisis will come and take over. So, to avoid that, just cover up and look cute in your cover-ups, it’s doable.

I hope these simple tips are helpful, and I hope you don’t forget the reason for this season! Enjoy this month because God knows I am super excited myself. I hope your December is merry and bright! Happy Holidays.