Lessons of My Life
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Lessons of My Life

Lessons of My Life
Photo by Ryan Graybill / Unsplash

The lessons we learn each day prepare us for the adventures we will face someday. Chai...see me writing quotes. Anyway, I am writing this because I was reminded of a very important lesson on one of my town visits with le boo. We had gone into town to check on a few things and on our way back, we decided to buy some gas for the journey home. If you know me, you know I am always comparing gas prices. I am always looking for the cheapest option. So, on this particular day, I was scouting for the best deal, then we came across one gas station...it looked run down and very shady. We hesitated and began to question if we should really go there...I even suggested that we go to our usual gas station because they often have better deals and besides we had the rewards card so we would get some cents off.

We came to an agreement that we would find a speedway but for some reason, we decided to just go to this old, dirty looking gas station. For a moment, I even thought it had shut down because there was no car there. Well, we went anyway, and I waited as my hubby went in to pay for the gas. A few minutes later he returned and said the station was having some promotion so if we participate we will receive free gas. I was surprised...who gives something free in this America? I got out of the car and went to find out for myself if this was a scam. To be honest, I kept looking back at the car because I thought it was a plot to lure us out of the car and then drive off with it (I am dramatic...I know).

Well, it turned out to be true! Look at us at this scary gas station, and we had just received free gas and free chewing gum...I mean, who does not like anything free. I was quite surprised but happy! I won't lie, as we were leaving, I kept waiting for something to happen to prove that this was not true. As soon as we left we found our speedway station and the price was much higher than where we had eventually turned up. Ah! see God showing up and showing out. In that instant, I got the message.

God shows up in very unexpected ways. He does not always wrap our present up in the most beautiful bow, but when we trust in Him, He will make that experience worth it. Sometimes we may think that we know better and opt for what we think will be a better option (our speedway in this instance) and begin to run ahead of God. But each time He shows us that He is our Father, and He constantly reminds us that He knows what is good for us...if only we would trust him. As I pondered on this experience, my mind took me to one of my favorite verses in 2 Chronicles 20: 17 and it says, “You will not need to fight in this battle. Position yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, who is with you, O Judah and Jerusalem! Do not fear or be dismayed; tomorrow go out against them, for the Lord IS with you."

I love this verse so much because it comforts me and reminds me that I should not fret...God is in control. He says, STAND STILL. Some of us we are too prichriprichri...we want answers now, but God does not operate that way. Auntie, do you think God does not know what you are going through? Unco....do you think God has forgotten you? Nah lie...big one. He is in control....trust him. Easier said than done but let's pray and join the song that says, ' O' for grace to trust Him more."

He may take us to that old, ruggedly looking place. We may be at that old, lifeless, depressing, frustrating station where nothing good can possibly emerge from it, but once we come out of that station, He will make sure that we leave with a smile on our faces. Trust Him…He has not failed me yet, and He won't fail you too!