In all Thy Getting, REST!
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In all Thy Getting, REST!

In all Thy Getting, REST!
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Here I was after a long day at work, tired. Just tired. You know those days when everything seems to be hitting you at once. You work on one issue, and after you finally think you got it all figured out, comes another one. Sometimes, I get those days and honestly, it can be frustrating and annoying and by the end of the day, I am just drained and all I want to do is go home and put my feet up and just watch a show that will distract me or just sleep. Does this happen? Not really.

On this particular day, that was my plan but when I got home, my mind began to race about all the things I had to do. When I get those days, I can't sleep well because I am dreaming about my to-do list, I am planning out my day in my mind and I wake up even more tired than the day before. Have you had one of those days? Well, that's me...sometimes

Now, to make things worse,

I began to feel some pain in my leg...the kind of pain you do not want to escalate because with that, I know exactly where I will be heading and that is definitely not my 'happy place.' Today, there is a lot of talk about self care; we talk about the physical health care and now we are throwing more light on the mental health care...which i should add is very important. We try to do our best to keep ourselves sane and at the same time, try to workout to get that summer body, eat well, keep our skin smooth and clear, stay hydrated...and any other thing you can think of. All of this in itself can be stressful.

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When I began to feel the pain, I knew that this was triggered by stress. I was dealing with many things and usually I handle my stress well but on this day, it was overtaking me. To avoid this crisis that wanted to rear its ugly head, I did four simple things:

  1. I went straight to bed - I didn't go to sleep, but I went to lay on my bed and decided not to do any work or any homework. In times like these, I always remind myself that if I do not stop and take care of myself, I will have to pay the price in the future and end up stressing about a lot more than what got me here. So at this point, I block everything it easy?, nope... I am always tempted to pick up the laptop and do some work but I have realized that it does me no good. I need to let my mind rest from all the I just go and lay in bed. I could read, watch a show, or just simply lay down quietly.
  2. I stay hydrated - Water and any other liquids become my best best friend. You should see me gulping down bottles and bottles of water because my body needs all the fluids it can get.
  3. I prepare my hot water bottle - Hot water bottles are the real deal, they have saved me too many times. Before I lay down, I prepare some hot water, put it in my sack and then place it on the part of my body that is in pain. If it's too hot, i wrap a towel around it and then adjust it as I go. This gives me so much relief!! I highly recommend a hot water bottle in every household.
  4. I do not accept any phone calls - I try try try to put my phone away but when I can't, I make sure that I answer no phone calls, and limit my texting and social media.

The point of all of this is for me to rest as much as possible. Rest my mind and my body. The last thing my body needs at the beginning of a crisis, is more work.

Stress can get everyone down and in my condition I need to manage it as much as I can. I would rather take these steps now, than have to deal with a full blown crisis. It has worked for me and I hope it works for you too - even if you do not have a crisis. We are living in very uncertain times and it can be stressful, please take care of yourself. Listen to your body and your mind and do whatever will give you peace!